Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Call Him Hairy

Morgan comes home from practicing her piano at Nana's and yells, "Get the camera! Quickly! And BE QUIET!!!"

So Brooke and I grab the camera and follow her - back to the field between the end of our street and my mother-in-law's house. "Look, there, by the tree!" It was a little armadillo, rooting around for bugs or grubs or whatever it is they eat. We followed him around, taking pictures, for probably 15 minutes. He really didn't care.

But he never would give us a good smile. This is the only side of him we could photograph - his back side!
I think this is probably the only time I've seen a LIVE armadillo! Usually they are in the middle of the highway looking a mite poorly. I like this kind better.

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Jennifer said...

I saw one on the way to Disney World.. we were taking the Disney shuttle.. and he was by the side of the road. First time I had ever seen one.. no one believed me. :( LOL!