Saturday, September 6, 2008

Landscaping by Gustav

Last year, I took this picture of the little path from our new house through the woods. Gustav thought we needed a little challenge.

Here's the same path, only with the new "pond and bridge" look. The pond is all the water from the torrential rains. The bridge obstructing the path is an enormous uprooted oak. When things dry up, I'll have to walk the path with my camera. Morgan looked out from the back patio and said, "What happened to the woods?" Gustav happened, Baby.

Gustav also decided our neighbor needed a new fence. He did the "deconstruction" for her. This picture was taken during the storm.

The "landscaping" in our backyard.

Thankfully, no branches or trees hit our roof. The damage is relatively minor. Just lots of stuff to pick up. Some of it will require a chainsaw to cut into manageable pieces.

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