Friday, September 5, 2008

A Week of Firsts

First hurricane of 2008 to make landfall in Louisiana. First night in the new house. First power outage while in the new house. First time cooking by candlelight. First dinner guests. First overnight guests.

Sorry about the cold baths, First Guests. And the lack of air conditioning. And the lack of furniture. Oh - I see you brought your own spot for lounging!

:::giggle::: For having such weird circumstances, I must say this was a pretty fun week, all in all. I'm glad my sister-in-law and her husband live just two doors down. We enjoyed lots of yummy food (thanks to stuff thawing, but also thanks to a gas stove to cook it on). We enjoyed watching The Sound of Music on a battery-powered DVD player. We enjoyed watching the cats and poodles being silly. We enjoyed working on a puzzle in the daytime (puzzles by candlelight can make you feel a bit blind). We enjoyed a few nice, cool nights thanks to the gift of a loaned generator and window a/c unit from my dearest of friends who drove an hour to bring it to us (along with two cases of bottled water and 20 gallons of precious gasoline for the generator).

Even in the midst of a disaster, we are so very blessed.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Ginger - what a great attitude you have. That sense of adventure serves you well. Wow - that was some landscaping...I don't think I'd recoomend him on Angie's List.