Sunday, December 14, 2008

Decorating Help

Steve and the girls went out Friday and found the perfect tree. He strung the lights on it and now it's my turn. Only I'm missing some of my ornaments and don't now if I'll have enought - we've never had a tree this tall before - or one that needed more than 1/3 of it decorated because the only spot we had in the old house was in a corner with entertainment center and sofa around it. Just the front third needed decorating! Now I'm discovering I don't have nearly as many ornaments as I thought I did! And then there is that missing box.....

Kallie decided to help Steve with the garland. Actually, she was crouching down, thinking she was hidden. We got quite tickled at her.

Libby decided to squash the wreath. Good thing we weren't using that wreath this year!


Teeny said...

HAHAHA - you need to make a cat version of the animals helping for Christmas.

the 4 Bs said...

merry christmas to the poodles, kitties and their peeps.