Thursday, December 11, 2008

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland!

My cell phone, as well as Steve's, started ringing right at 6 a.m. this morning. "Wake up!" yelled Joshua, "it's SNOWING!!!" Okay, it had been raining for four days and, although snow was forecast, I said last night that "I'd believe it when I saw it." So I had to walk outside and THIS is what I saw.....

Okay, I'm a believer! My father-in-law said it was coming down when he woke up at 4:30 this morning. A steady snowfall with very LARGE wet flakes kept up most of the morning. Very surreal for a Louisiana gal whose biggest amount of snow seen in her home state was not even two inches!

My little mailbox, all covered in snow.

Morgan rarely gets up at this hour. Only something like snow would have her up by 6 a.m.!

Everything was SO beautiful!!! It was truly like a winter wonderland! Although I wouldn't want this every day, all through the winter. It was definitely a nice treat, though!

My handsome hubby looks even more handsome when covered in snow! HE couldn't even believe how hard it was coming down!

My puppers have never seen snow. Abrial and Cosette were not sure of that white stuff, but Delilah loved it!

She would jump at it and bite it and then run back to Abrial and Cosette to try to get them to play with her.

Eventually they did. The kids, however, didn't need any encouragement to play in the snow. They went through quite a number of outfits after they became soaked to the skin.

My poor southern children were reduced to digging in their pajama drawers and layering as best they could. This will explain Brooke's unusual outfit. Look! A REAL snowball fight! In Louisiana! With real snowballs! Amazing!!!

Of course, with all this snow, us deprived Louisianians were able to make a snowman that stood taller than 18".

Whoops! By this time, the snow had changed to sleet! And our electricity had gone out at about 7 a.m. - trees that were weakened by the two hurricanes earlier this year started losing branches left and right. The entire top of one of the large trees behind our house fell. It sounded like a gunshot when it broke!

My girls and the neighbor children with their biggest snow guy yet! They were all cold and wet and decided the fire and some hot cocoa were in order. I agree!


Teeny said...

GORGEOUS pictures...and very surreal. I'm glad we have the pictures to remember because it already seems like a faint memory!! Your forest was post-card perfect!

Cynthia said...