Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fire Cat

We are finally getting some colder weather and yesterday I just could not get warm, even in warm clothes and turning the heater up. So when Steve came home, I asked him to start a fire in the fireplace. He was glad to oblige. We had a nice, roaring fire and I FINALLY got warm.

When I woke up this morning, I could hear the blower still going on the fireplace. I thought that was odd, because the fire should have died down in the night, causing the blower to automatically go off as it cooled. When I went into the living room, I saw that my sweet husband had put more wood on the fire and had brought in some logs for me to keep it going today. He must have been warming himself before work, because there was a chair pulled up near it. The chair was now occupied by Stewart!

He loves looking at the flames. I love how you can see his reflection in the glass!


Berry Patch said...

I love all your cat posts. Makes me wish we had one again. ;-)

Heather said...

I soooo understand that feeling of perpetual cold. Here in Michigan, we're grateful to be above zero today:) I'm trying NOT to covet your fireplace, Ginger!

Stewart's reflection certainly adds a special detail to those pics. I wonder if you noticed the reflection as you were using the camera, or just when you uploaded them to your blog?

Ginger said...

Heather, I noticed the reflection while watching him looking at the flames. That was why I picked up the camera. I loved the idea of him looking at the Stewart in the fireplace (although I don't think he noticed his reflection, just the red crackling flames).