Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Cats are Weird

ALL of our cats are weird. All three of them. But they all have different areas of weirdness.

I was in the kitchen when I heard a VERY LOUD meow. I looked around the corner and saw this....

Libby, sitting in the water bowl. The EMPTY water bowl. I generally don't speak "cat," but I know this means, "Fill the water bowl, you stupid human. I'm thirsty."

So I did. And Libby was happy again. Well, as happy as she ever is. (Another item of weirdness for Libby - she puts one paw on the edge of the water bowl when she drinks. Can you see it?)


Berry Patch said...

That's funny. Our dog will sit & stare at her bowl. It's our job to figure out if she wants food (easy) or water (easy) or if she wants to go out. If we open the door (which is right next to her food/water) & she doesn't go out, we have to double check the food & water. I love how animals get us to do their bidding. LOL

Southern Belle said...

Yeah! Good to "hear from you again!"