Sunday, July 26, 2009

Love, Conditionally.

I am so loved by my kitties. They love me so much that when I work, they sacrifice comfort to be near me.

Stewart, obviously reminding me to add cat food to the shopping list.

They just can't stand to be far away. Generally I have one cat sleeping on one side of my L-shaped desk and another cat on another side.

Stewart and Libby sleeping on the uncomfortable desk. Suffering for my sake.

If I open my lower desk drawer to get my reference book out, that is an open invitation for a cat to jump in and warm that cold, lonely drawer. Holding the place for the book, you know.

Libby looks so sweet when she is sleeping.

Kallie is behind me on the school table. (That table, BTW, was a steal from Pottery Barn for $124. It was a floor model and they didn't have the leaf. It fits perfectly in my school room/office and the black/distressed finish matched my desk.)

Kallie is making sure Morgan's puzzle pieces don't jump off the table and run away. She's right behind my desk. You know, in case I need her to drink the left-over milk in the bowl after the cereal is all gone. Helpful, that's what she is.

The nearness of my cats is because they love me so much and is not influenced at all by the little special surprises in my desk drawer. No, that couldn't be it. Could it?


Junebug said...

i want your white cat. :D I think the cats would be near you even without the treats!!!

Ginger said...

Junebug, if you had been here at 2 this morning, I would have gladly given you the white cat. Stewart has a bad habit of banging on the doors when they are closed. I close my bedroom door at night to keep the dogs in (because they'd bark every time something triggered the motion lights - like large moths and ESPECIALLY possums or racoons). Usually Stewart only bangs in the morning to get out. Last night, however, my son was watching a late movie and Stewart wanted to watch it too I guess. I wanted to kill that cat!

Wild Homeschool Family said...

So cute, very fun post.