Saturday, November 17, 2007

Horsin' Around for Finals

Today was our horse club's final show. The 15 highest pointed riders in each age group and event advance to finals. At the final show, everyone rides twice. Points are given for both "go-rounds," then the times for each go-round are averaged and pointed again. So it is completely feasible for someone coming into finals in first place to be knocked out. Or someone to be pretty far down to come up into the top five. And, as usual, that happened today. To a number of riders, in fact.

Brooke came into the finals placing second in pole bending. This happens to be Brooke's and Honeybee's favorite event. They had a solid second place and, even though Brooke got the top time in the second go-round, she maintained her second place position. Hurray, Brooke!

For barrels, Brooke was fourth going into finals, but because of one run where she went wide, she dropped out of the top five. :^( Tough luck, Cowgirl!

We're proud of your riding accomplishments this year, baby! Keep up the good work!


Cynthia said...

So you're done for the year now? When does the season start up again? I love the first photo in this series.

Ginger said...

The season starts in February. We get a little break! When Brooke starts back, she's also going to be competing on my horse, Lady. I wish I were brave enough to do the competing!