Monday, November 12, 2007

Name that Bug

Today I had a good friend from church come by with her 2-year-old grandson. Morgan spent the day going in and out with the toddler while we grown-ups got to visit. Brooke fixed us a nice lunch.

Once when Morgan and K. came inside, I noticed he had an insect on the collar of his shirt. I scooped it off, then looked at it to identify it.

It's a species of praying mantis called the Grass-like Mantid, Thesprotia graminis.

He really was a small little guy, probably less than two inches long. We released him outside on Brooke's lantana.


Kelli Berthelot said...

Did you really touch that bug? Yuk!

Ginger said...

Yes, I certainly did. Now, if it would have been a FROG or a LIZARD - eww!!!

Cynthia said...

I bet you had to look CLOSELY to even notice it was a bug? I would have probably swept it up thinking it was a twig or something.