Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Met Linda!!!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Linda from my SHS email loop. I have been a member of this online homeschool support group for more than 8 years and have tons of friends I've never met In Real Life.

Linda and her family are going on vacation from Florida to Arizona. While passing through Louisiana, she stopped in our town and we had dinner at a local seafood restaurant.

Before going, I was cautioned on separate occasions and by both girls. "Mom," they say, "DON'T embarrass us." Fun-suckers.

She has a great family and I loved getting to know her even better. What a lovely lady! I sure wish we had more time together. I do believe Morgan would have taken Carys home. Gladly. What a sweet little 2-year-old. She was simply adorable.

The children reluctantly submitted to being subjected to Maternal Directed Photography With Complete Strangers.

Linda and I were more willing subjects.

The setting sun was really bright. Then Linda drove off into it, heading west. I hope she had her sunglasses!


Teeny said...

Very cool!!! I like Brooke's unchanged expression...LOL. Fun-suckers. I need to remember that one!! You're so funny!

Ginger said...

Yes, you can tell who had attitude, can't you. :^)

Debbie said...

How wonderful, Ginger. I think it is so great that the SHS ladies make these special stops on their trips to meet one another.

I also love the phrase "fun-suckers". That one will be stored away for future use.

Dorothy said...

Oh, I'm always getting stern instructions not to embarrass Grace...{vbg}

It must have been fun to meet up!

Cynthia said...

FUN FUN! I LOVE meeting fellow SHSers when we're traveling.

Kristine said...

LOVE the color in Brooke's hair!

I'm sure the kids continue to be overjoyed at the thought of yet again being featured in mom's blog. I know that mine sure are happy about it! (Yeah, right!)

I get lectured on the way home from anything with Holly about WHAT I did wrong and how I must be sure to NEVER do THAT again!

Laura in MO said...

How fun to meet Linda. I agree with Debbie and Cynthia - it is SO fun to meet fellow SHSers. Recently I have had the pleasure to meet Susan and Donna - what a blessing!!