Friday, April 25, 2008


That is what I have been. Forbidden. To paint, that is, since my appendectomy. So we had to call in the professionals. A crew of five. They started today. And here is just a SMALL sampling of what they accomplished. IN ONE DAY!

In one day, these guys:

*painted one side on 10 interior doors
*primed one side of four French doors
*took all unfinished cabinet doors off their hinges
*primed my bathroom cabinets (both sets) inside and out (they actually did this first)
*sanded bathroom doors and drawers
*primed bathroom cabinet shelves, doors, and drawers - ALL OF THEM - and got a first coat of oil paint on the base cabinets
*primed the wood panel that goes in front of my tub
*caulked and puttied door trim and baseboards
*painted all the shelves (there are lots) top and bottom in both my closet and Steve's

I was a wee bit depressed. Because I know it would have taken me a LONG TIME to do all of this. Boy, they were good.


Cynthia said...

ACK! Seeing that list and the photo of all those doors reminds me why I'm not all that sure we can actually build ourselves.... I think it would take us FOREVER to do everything.

Ginger said...

Yes, it's taken me a few MONTHS to do half that many doors and all the cabinets and trim in the guest and girls' section of the house. Now, that said, I had a TON more cabinets with loads of drawers and doors. But still. Having someone ELSE paint is SO much quicker.

Jodi said...

WOW that's a lot of painting, good to have it done at least.