Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Construction and Update

Sorry to leave everyone hanging after the post about the storm. My computer died in an unrelated event. Actually, it didn't die - it just needed a power source transplant after a dust-inhalation-overload attack. Thankfully it is back up and running with no symptoms of rejection.

The horses and poodles and cats all fared well with the storms. I'm sure the horses were nervous in the barn, but at least they were out of the weather. The barn was without power for two days, so no fans for the poor horsies. However, some people just north of us finally had their power restored this morning - almost seven full days after the storm.

The poodles and cats were fine. They don't mind weather. In fact, they think rain is great for sleeping. Actually, they think sun is great for sleeping, too. Any weather, in fact. But I'll try to get some pictures of Cosette tomorrow - Remy asked about her in my comments and she was very flattered.

New things at the house: The painting is DONE! Whew! Steve is almost all finished with the siding. That's a lot of siding and it takes a while when you are a crew of one. I have been cleaning the floors in preparation for sealing them - you are supposed to wash/scrub them until the water is clear. Hmm....not quite so clear. I guess I should start saving the water to compare. But it's definitely not clear.

Brooke has been Garden Girl. She has been clearing the back fence line of brush. And the broken down old barbed wire fence with the rotting fence posts. She's done a super job. Let's hope she isn't allergic to poison ivy. I'm spraying it with weed killer, but that doesn't mean you can't get a rash from it even if it's dead. I'm sure I'll get it just because I got close enough to spray it.

Morgan has been the All-Purpose-Cleaner-Upper-Step-And-Fetch-It Girl. She's hauled bricks, picked up nails, raked leaves, burned brush, and other assorted tasks.

But my favorite thing to tell - we have our granite in the bathrooms! I'm so excited! Tomorrow they come to bring the granite for the kitchen.

Morgan and Brooke's bathrooms have Giallo Ornamental.
The girls decided if they wanted their facets to be mounted at 12 o'clock or off-set - Brooke wanted hers off-set and Morgan wanted hers right in the middle. Of course.

The guest bathroom picture is dark and very yellow looking. So sorry. It's like a dark little hole in there. I need to bring the light into the bathroom and try again.

This stone is mumble-mumble-mumble Bordeaux. I THINK it may be Typhoon Bordeaux, (looks like this may be it) but I cannot remember. Shame on me.

My absolute favorite is the granite for my bathroom. It has lots of movement and I love it. It's called Pompei.

They actually couldn't even drill the holes for my side - they will have to do it when they return to do the kitchen, as the bit broke.

Tomorrow - electrical outlets!


Cynthia said...

LOVE the countertops! Do you have to seal granite? I was looking at some countertop options incase we get to build and I think we liked something called swanstone or something like that.. not granite, but something similar...

Ginger said...

Thanks, Cynthia! Yes, you do seal granite. Actually, our granite guys seals them and it is supposed to last for many years, but he still recommends re-sealing them yearly. Evidently, re-sealing is not a difficult process.

I've never heard of swanstone. I'll have to go look it up.