Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where's That Fairy Godmother?

My next "new home" job has been to clean and seal the concrete floors. So I've been on my hands and knees scrubbing floors for the past few WEEKS.

Brooke went shopping with her aunt and picked up this t-shirt. I told her she needs to give it to me.

She said no.

Finally, the section of the house with the girls' and guest bedrooms and bathrooms were ready to be sealed. I did the first coat on Sunday, the second coat Monday.

This picture was taken between coats. I'm loving my floors!

In other news, I was cutting up raw chicken for curried chicken. Every time I bring out a knife and a cutting board, I get the Poodles' undivided attention. If I'm cutting something that they can eat, I will occasionally share a morsel. But definitely not raw chicken! I told them all to go in the other room. Delilah and Abrial turned around and went into the other room to lie down. Cosette was persistent. Not bothersome, but just standing behind me, breathing hot dog breath on the back of my legs. I tell her again that she wasn't getting ANY raw chicken and to GO IN THE OTHER ROOM. After a few minutes, I get that "someone is watching me" feeling. I turn around. This is what I see....

She was in the other room, technically, but was just watching in case I dropped something. Which, later, I did. New cutting board, new knife, and dropped a piece of carrot. Cosette was there in a flash - and was sorely disappointed in the offering.


4xBs said...

she's so adorable, patiently waiting for a morsel.

your new floors look lovely. i can't believe you're doing all of this work yourself. what a job.

our poodle art came from a local artist named Enid Groves. she is in Seattle. i can email her web site/email address to you if you want.


Luc & Remy said...

Cosette, Luc is just like you. He patiently waits for something to drop when Mom is cooking. Sometimes he even sticks his nose on the counter. Mom doesn't like that.

Your floors look great! They look fun to run and slide on!

Cynthia said...

I'm sure enjoy watching your house progress!

Teeny said...

floors look GORGEOUS!!!!!! I've always admired those...one day maybe I'll get the chance to enjoy my own. Until then - I will just have to visit more often :-D

Laura in MO said...

Oh - those floors look wonderful! Thanks for posting the picture.