Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cosette's Turn

I heard some handsome doggy was inquiring about me. Here I am, in all my curly red glory!

Mommy has been telling about all the things happening at The New House, but she didn't show any pictures. *I* have pictures.

Daddy has almost finished all the vinyl siding. He did a very good job. Although, I'm no expert on vinyl siding. But it looks good to me!

Aunt Susie has been helping, too. She hung ceiling fans - this one is in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom and she did one just like it in the school room.

She has also been wiring electrical outlets. That Aunt Susie is something else! Her one downfall is the fact that she doesn't carry doggy treats with her nearly often enough. Or liver. She really should keep freeze-dried liver in her pockets. It'll make her smell even better!

Brooke has taken down that awful scratchy barbed wire fence and cut back all the pesky brush. Now we Poodles can run freely into new territory and...

What, Mommy? We can't go back there? Really? Not ever? And we're getting a new fence? Okay, bloggie people. Scratch that "run freely" part. :::sigh::: A Poodle can dream, right?

And we had a surprise for Mommy today...

The Granite Man brought the kitchen counters! Mommy was SO excited. I was excited thinking about all the yummy things she will be cooking there, like chicken and pork and beef and chicken and fish and chicken... But enough of that. Mommy says to mention that the granite for the kitchen is Absolute Black with a riverwash finish. Whatever that means, Mommy.

Hey, Mommy! I'm suddenly hungry! Let's drive to Sonic! I'll buy!


Heather in Michigan (SHS) said...

You and your Mommy are so clever! You also have exquisite design taste:)

gordy and georgie said...

oooh your new home looks so beautiful and we wish we could come play in that really big yard.

Teeny said...

WOW - love the ceiling fan...what an awesome Mother's Day present :-D And everything else looks fabulous as well!

Luc & Remy said...

Here I am, Cosette!! I think I'm the handsome poodle asking about you, you beautiful girl! (It's Remy.) It sure looks like you are going to have one fabulous home. I sure wish you lived near us. We could make beautiful . . . mud holes together.

Oh, Luc says hi.