Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Bed for Brooke

My children are deprived. They've never known the thrill of picking out a brand new bedroom set of their very own. Up until now, they've always had second-hand furniture (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that). Brooke picked a black sleigh bed with a chest, desk, and nightstand.

The cats approve of her choice. And they just LOVE her new silver, gray, and black covers! I just hope Brooke loves removing cat hair from it! :^D The sticky roller will be her new best friend!


Cynthia said...

WHAT fun! Our dd would like a black bedroom set as well. Our kids haven't had new sets either unless you want to count the bunk beds which they didn't have a say in (LOL). After the girls used them they moved to the boys' room and the girls each had their mattress sets on the floor. Our oldest dd just picked out her bedroom set this past summer - a year after moving out (LOL).

How exciting to be able to fill the new house with new things!

Teeny said...

Beautiful! what happened to her other bedspread set that she got for the house????

Ginger said...

Ugh! She changed her mind and the PB Teen set will be sold in eBay. So much for being prepared. Girls!

Berry Patch said...

My younger boys are sleeping in the set of bunkbeds my brothers had when they were younger & then my baby sister & I had once they got older! How's that for a hand-me-down? ;-)