Friday, October 31, 2008

Where Are The Horses?

Here's one! That's MY beautiful baby! I love her glossy coat and NOW I know what Brooke was talking about when she'd say how much she loved the smell of horses. I used to only smell stinky barn smells - you know, the manure and wet shavings. Ugh.

But since Lady has been mine and I've spent more time at the barn, the icky smells don't bother me anymore (well, Coppertox still makes me gag - I'd actually rather smell horse poop) and I now LOVE the smell of my horse. Sweet girl.
Oh, yeah. There were some other horses at the barn today as well. Somewhere. :::grin:::


Cynthia said...

The other day I was thinking I hadn't seen any recent horses post from you nor Emily.

Berry Patch said...

I was at my parents house this weekend & helped muck out FOUR stalls. Ugh. Then filled them back up with new shavings, water, niece was off galvanting so my sister & I helped out my mom.

Plaasjapie said...

I love this horse! She is beautiful! Love your blog!