Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Fantasticks

This afternoon, our homeschool teen/tween group went to see the musical The Fantasticks. Brooke chose not to go, but preferred to spend some quality time with her Aunt Connie. So Morgan and I drove over an hour to a quaint little playhouse north of a small suburban area outside of New Orleans.

The playhouse was more than a mile down a gravel road, with woods of pine trees and magnolias closing in upon us and perhaps only four or five homes in the area. It was an odd location for a theatre, but such a lovely one.

Here's Morgan and her friend, Z, in front of the theatre. Does this LOOK like it's in front of a theatre? I loved it! A charming little venue nestled in the woods. I want to move here!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed the play. I had actually never heard of The Fantasticks before and our family adores musicals. It's "The World's Longest Running Musical" and is entering it's fifth decade. The elderly actor who played "Henry" was absolutely hilarious! Even though he was a minor character (well, not too minor - there are only 9 actors in the whole production), he was definitely my favorite!


Cynthia said...

Sounds like a great afternoon activity! Nope.. it doesn't look like the setting for a theater (LOL).

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY GORGEOUS! Wish we could have made it...hopefully next time. We LOVE plays/musicals, as well.

Shushan said...

heh Yeah the Fantasticks is a fun musical. I worked on that one witha local troupe. Glad you enjoyed it!

Susan in Va :))

Junebug said...

My daughter, Becky, went with her college's Campus Crusade for Christ last spring and two weeks in the summer to New Orleans to help clean up some houses. She loved New Orleans. She wants me to go with her to visit sometime. I would like to.

De'Etta said...

What a great outing. The scenery is amazing.