Sunday, September 9, 2007

Visit with Joshua

Today we drove to Gulfport, Mississippi to visit with Joshua.

This was the first chance we've had to see him since his graduation last month.

Joshua is currently at his Navy "A" school in Gulfport - Seabee training.

We went to the beach......

...and met a new New Orleans Saints fan, enjoying the sunny day at the beach. She told us she was a Saints fan. My brother is a Saints fan also, so they had lots to talk about. (Okay, okay, the collar and leash gave it away.)

My big boy went jet-skiing. (No, not Steve.) Freddie went with him - hat, jeans, and tennis shoes. :::sigh::: Boys.

Brooke and Freddie are only three months apart. Brooke is older. They tend to squabble like brother and sister.

But sometimes Brooke tries to be sweet. Freddie is thinking, "HELP!!!"

My beautiful girl.

My other beautiful girl.

Steve rented the beach chairs and promptly fell asleep. Here I am trying to bother him. I'm such a mean wife. Heeheehee! father, like daughter. WAKE UP, YOU GUYS!!!!

We rarely get over to the Gulfport/Biloxi, even though it is just 30 minutes from my dad's house. This was our first trip since Hurricane Katrina. Most of the area was damaged or destroyed by the hurricane and, although it has been two years, the devastation is still very evident.

There were empty slabs or concrete steps in the middle of nothing else. Some of them had small campers on the land where the residents were living while trying to slowly rebuild their lives. But other places were just piles of rubble. It was very sobering.

This house evidently made it through the hurricane, but they put up a sign to show where the water was. Wow! Can you see the sign at the roofline? This house was a few blocks inland. The flooding was even worse near the beach - and the storm surge was 20' or more. Almost all of the boardwalks and piers have been washed away. Morgan kept finding bits of lumber or shingles in the water while we were at the beach.

Then we went to the Biloxi Katrina Memorial.

It's as high as the tide surge - 12 feet.

In the glass case were all sorts of memorabilia from people who live here. It was very sad.

The curving wall has this mosaic wave that is very beautiful, but it definitely reminds you of the power that was unleashed on this coastal community.

This is another view of the memorial.

Then we left and had a pretty quick dinner. Joshua needed to be back at 1900 hours (that's 7:00 to you and me). We had a wonderful day. I can't wait to see him again soon!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos - it looks like you had a great time! I'd never seen pictures of the Katrina memorial before.
Your kids are beautiful!!!

Laura in MO said...

Hi Ginger -
I really enjoyed looking at your photos of the Katrina Memorial. My aunt, uncle and several cousins live in Pass Christian, Long Beach and Gulfport. My aunt and uncle's home (in Pass) was completely destroyed in Katrina. They were lucky, though. They had evacuated at the last minute. One of my cousins rode it out in his home and almost didn't make it. They have all rebuilt, however, and are staying in the area. They feel like they are pioneers, though - living in an area where "normal" is anything but. I haven't been back down there since Katrina, but we are going to come in March. Well, I am rambling.... but your pictures really touched me and I had to comment. I have spent many, many happy times along those white sands beaches! Glad that Joshua is doing well at the base there.
Laura in MO

De'Etta said...

Thanks for the photos of the memorial Ginger - sobering. I enjoyed seeing Joshua - great beach photos.

Kristine said...

Looks like a great day, and how wonderful for everyone to see Joshua--and for him to have such a great group of visitors.

Cynthia said...

I wish I had known you better (blogging has a way of connecting us these days) when I was heading down to Gulfport. I was there 3 times in the year after Katrina - doing relief work through our church. Thanks for posting the memorial pictures.