Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Problem with Paparazzi

The trouble when you're a good looking fellow is being constantly stalked by the paparazzi. Here is young Hairy Woodpecker, out without his parents for the first time. He thought he could practice his pecking skills on this little branch....alone.....but, NO! Here comes this Blue-Eyed Girl. Hairy thought she wanted to strike up a conversation, perhaps build a friendly relationship, but then he saw it. The Camera. She brought it out and took shot after shot after shot.

He tried to get away, but where ever he went, that Blue-Eyed Girl with The Camera was there, just snapping away. He tried hiding.

He turned his back on her.

He even gave her the Evil Eye.

All to no avail. She kept snapping shot after shot. He finally just started yelling and screaming and finally she went away.....

.....and started stalking Ruby Hummingbird instead.

All photos taken by Brooke, the wildlife stalker photographer.


Kristine said...

Great mpost and awesome camera!

Berry Patch said...

Cute! I love the photos and the post was great.

Cynthia said...

LOL. You and Duckabush are BOTH talking about the paparrazzi lately... hmmm... I guess I'll have to add a paparrazzi post - mayybe with Rambling Raccoon if he ever reappears!