Saturday, September 8, 2007

In the Middle of a Busy Weekend

This weekend has been quite busy and we're only halfway into it! Friday I picked up a friend's two children. They stayed with us while my friend's dad was having surgery for esophageal cancer. Then my youngest brother, Freddie, came to stay for the weekend. So I ended up with three 12-year-olds, an 11-year-old, and a 7-year-old! Definitely not my typical crowd! The littlest one was a boy, so my brother (12) took him under his wing and they talked football and other guy stuff! Thanks, Freddie!

Everyone stayed overnight and first thing Saturday morning, Abrial was sick. She tinkled in her crate (very unlike her) and threw up large quantities of water all over the carpet. What is it that makes dogs run for the CARPETING when they feel that urge? Yeesh!

But she does look quite embarrassed, doesn't she. She didn't mean to make a mess.

She also seemed to be having trouble outside, so I brought her into the vet's office. After a bladder and uterine ultrasound and an attempted bladder tap, we were finally able to get a urine sample (picture me outside with Abrial who was on a leash and when she squatted I had to stick a metal pan under her bottom - and the only grassy area is in the FRONT of the office along the busy road - what a picture that must have been). She had a very bad bladder infection and is now on medicine. I hope she is feeling better soon. Poor baby. A dog with cystitis. Whoduh thunkit?


Kristine said...

Poor Abrial! I've done the same thing at a friend's house (when I was like 11), and I've never forgotten the embarrassment! I hope Abrial can!

Berry Patch said...

Oh my! I remember the time my dog ate an ENTIRE pan of brownies. She was very sick & after two "issues" in the living room I confined her to the kitchen. Boy, did my floor get cleaned! Ugh.....BTW, I did call the emergency vet clinic to be sure she hadn't poisoned herself.

Cynthia said...

WOW.. you had your hands full this weekend with extra kids and sick puppy.