Friday, October 26, 2007

Catch Up, Kick Back

I slept late this morning to make up for the exhausting day of driving yesterday. There was also all sorts of excitement when I finally awoke, as they were pouring concrete for the newest house in the neighborhood and the trucks had to come through our current driveway, getting stuck in the soft dirt, leaving ruts alongside the driveway, and mowing down our mailbox (which the nice new neighbor, Mr. R., already fixed).

The girls (both curly and human) romped in the yard this lovely afternoon while I played behind the camera.

Look at Cosette jump!

As you can see, things are still quite green here at the end of October.

Abrial and Morgan look like they're both going for a stroll!

Then we headed over to the new house. Look! Insulation!

And Sheetrock on the ceilings!!!

They'll start the walls tomorrow and should be finished with the rock on Monday.

Quite a stack of 'rock!

The Sheetrock finisher is ready to go as soon as the hangers are done. Steve told me this evening, "When the finishers are done, it'll be ready for paint. You better pick out some colors." WHAT??? I'm no good at picking colors! HELP SOMEONE!!! I'm now in not a small panic!


De'Etta said...

Your house is really taking shape. What fun it is to watch and wait with you.

Teeny said...

YEAH FOR SHEET ROCK!!! Colors...hmmm, good luck :-D But I'd be happy to help pick up a paintbrush and paint with you AFTER you pick the colors :-D

Emily said...

Love the picture of Abrial and Morgan "taking a walk" too cute!

Cynthia said...

It takes me FOREVER to pick out paint colors. HOW in the world are you going to pick a color unless you already have the carpet and other things already picked out? You know.... now that I think about it the paint is the LAST thing I ever pick out.... I have to get the flooring and then a few accent things (pictures, or chairs, or whatever) and then lay them all out and see what goes well with all.

Ginger said...

Well, Cynthia, we won't be having any carpet. Our flooring will be the stained/scored concrete we did back months ago. It just needs to be sealed. It's been hidden under layers of Tyvek for protection.

We have NO furniture to speak of that will be moving into the new house - just a couple of minor pieces here and there. I have bedding for the girls' rooms and the guest room, so that will help, but I have NOTHING for my living room, dining room, or master bedroom. And I love most colors - but I guarantee there will be no orange. Of that you can be sure. (No fishy stuff for you, no orange colors for me!)

I'll be calling decorators tomorrow.

Southern Belle said...

We decided to go neutral in our home. We have a medium taupe in our home and love it. We MIGHT paint individual rooms later (since it was a builder they were going to charge us ALOT of money to do different paint colors). Only complaint I have is that it is FLAT paint. You can't wash stuff off, it takes off the paint and then you can never patch it right without it looking uneven.

Cynthia said...

LOL! No fishy stuff for me. You're GOOD! We actually have one room that is bright red on one wall and yellow on 3 walls and I think orange everytime I go in there. I'll take a picture of it one day. It's our 2nd dd's room.