Friday, October 12, 2007

A Very Busy Friday

Today was a crazy busy day. First we woke up before the sun to get ready and leave for Joshua's "A" school graduation in Gulfport, MS. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law followed us over. We arrived on the base for his ceremony, which was pretty laid-back compared to his boot camp graduation. It was very small, held in a small auditorium, and was short on formality as compared to other Navy events.

Joshua's group received a special coin for achieving CO's Blue, a special unit recognition for excellence in all areas. Joshua was also an honors graduate and received a double advancement, which was wonderful. We were so very proud of him.

Here's my Seabee! Click here for great information about the Seabees and what they do.

Shaking hands all around with all the commanders and instructors. Even people in the audience who were retired Navy stood to shake hands with our newest Seabees. It was very touching.

Here's Joshua's whole group.

After the ceremony was over, we went to eat brunch at Cracker Barrel. Then Joshua and his friend, who is also a Navy Seabee, drove to the base outside of New Orleans, where both boys will drill, for Joshua to be checked in. We drove on home.

We all wanted a nap, but instead we cleaned horse stalls, then everyone went home for baths before going our separate ways. Steve took Brooke to a choir concert in one direction, while I took Morgan to her pep rally in another. I was awarded custody of the camera. :^D

Here's Morgan performing at her first pep rally. She's the tiniest one on the squad. She is on the junior varsity squad and they only cheer at the junior varsity basketball games. But varsity cheerleaders wanted the JV girls to be included in the homecoming pep rally.

Here are some of our JV girls.

Our homeschooling group has grown to the point where we have a tackle football team and we are members of a Christian athletic association and we play private schools all over south Louisiana.

Morgan, the flyer! Sorry about everyone's glowing eyes. The light in the gym at night was awful and I tried to fix the eyes, but they still glowed. :^) Something to work on in my photography.


kmrose said...

Many heartfelt congratulations to Joshua from VT!!

Junebug said...

My youngest daughter was a cheerleader for seven years. She was always the smallest and of course always the flyer. Congratulations for your son the Seabee.

Cynthia said...

That was one busy day! I'm glad you made it to everything. Congrats to Joshua and his group.