Wednesday, October 31, 2007

White Hair Again

Joshua's friend, Brandon, has returned from out of state for a visit. We've missed him. He's like a second son. Stewart must like Brandon, too. Here's the picture I took in April of Brandon and Stewart taking an afternoon nap together.

Tonight Stewart was checking out Brandon's guitar case. It looked like the perfect place to share some white cat hair! I can just see Brandon, puzzling over why white cat hair has coated the black felt lining of his guitar case. Never trust a white cat!

Today was a long day. Steve is finishing up at the "crack den." We will ALL be glad this job will be finished. Steve's sister, Susan has been helping for weeks. She's been a real asset to Steve with this job. Joshua has been working there since being home. Starting today and for the rest of this week, the girls and I will be helping, too. Today I did touch-up paint, cleaned overspray of wall texture off windows, clean up floors, boring things like that.

After working there, Brooke, Morgan, and I went to take care of the horses. Brooke rode Honeybee. Morgan was given the go-ahead to ride Punkin again - just walking on the arena for short periods of time. Tonight she made three or four rounds of the arena bareback. Punkin REALLY wanted to run, but Morgan held her back. I overheard Morgan tell Punkin, "This is so much fun! Didn't you miss this?" Obviously Punkin did. :^D


Cynthia said...

I hope you're able to finish that job SOON and get back to working on your own house!

Emily said...

I love the places cats find to cuddle up in.

Shushan said...

cute pics!