Monday, October 15, 2007

Cosette, the Goofy

I wanted a red poodle. Badly. I discovered Cosette when she was just a teeny tiny little thing. She was SO adorable!!! I had planned to name my red Poodle Jezebel, kind of in keeping with the "bad girls of the Bible" we had evidently started with Delilah.

Here she is at 2 weeks of age. She didn't look like a Jezebel. She was way too sweet! So Steve pulled up a list of French names (even though Poodles didn't originate in France, but in Germany where they were bred as water retrievers - blame the German hunters for the strange show clip, as they started it). He got to the C's and said, "Cosette!" Our whole family loves Les Miserables, so it seemed very appropriate. Since Cosette's character in the musical sings a song, "Castle on a Cloud," we decided that should be her registered name. So she is Gineve's Chateau sur un Nuage.

And here she is when we picked her up in Ohio. She was only 7 weeks old, but she already weighed over 13 pounds!

Delilah traveled with us to pick Cosette up. Look how tiny Cosette was next to Delilah! Now she is quite a big larger than Delilah!

Cosette is a big goofball. She makes everyone laugh. She teases Abrial constantly by hiding her toys when she leaves the room for a drink of water. She adores Steve, practically crawling in his lap to give him kisses. Here she is trying to win a "longest tongue" contest.

Okay, she's up to something now. I can just see it in her eyes.

Here she comes! Cosette on the attack! Look out! :::giggle:::

I love my big, red goofball. I wouldn't trade her for anything.


Teeny said...

"Bad girls of the Bible" HA - love it!! I have Delilah's Samson!! :-D

Cynthia said...

Bad girls of the bible names - that's unique (LOL)! Cute story of how she got her name.

Jennifer said...

I hear that poodles are VERY smart. Do they shed?

Ginger said...

Jennifer, poodles ARE very smart. I was told by a professional trainer that only two breeds have thinking, reasoning intelligence - poodles and border collies. I actually saw my less than 8 week puppies working together as a team with a tool to try to move the puppy gate that was keeping them in the kitchen. They're amazing.

No, poodles do not shed. Their hair comes out when you brush or comb it like ours does. They do need to be groomed regularly.