Thursday, October 25, 2007

Whirlwind Trip to Houston

My step mom asked me to accompany her to Houston, as she had some business to attend to at the Jamaican consulate. She was nervous about driving in Houston traffic by herself. So VERY early this morning (about 5:30 a.m.) we left. We went in my Suburban so my brother, Freddie, and Brooke could each have a set to themselves to stretch out on. Morgan stayed with my in-laws.

Brooke took some pictures as we went over Prien Lake in Lake Charles.

We made good time to Houston and didn't have any problems finding the consulate. Then we went to my Dad's office (he wasn't there - he's in China) so my step mom could turn in her paperwork for her and Freddie's visa for China so they can be with my dad. There was a nice pond in front of the office building and the day was sunny and breezy. Brooke took her drawing pad and pencils down to the pond for some sketching.

Then she did a little posing for her mom. :^D

She also took the camera away to take some shots of these guys.

We turned around and came back home. To and from Houston in less than 18 hours. That's definitely a whirlwind trip!


Teeny said...

Beautiful shots of Brooke! And what a trip...not even any shopping!?!?! :-D

Cynthia said...

How nice of you to drive your step mom to Houston!