Thursday, April 19, 2007

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Spring is the season for new babies and our barn is no exception. Here's "Take Me" with her new baby, just born last night. The baby has a little crescent moon on her forehead, so we've been calling her "Little Luna."
Okay, she's not our horse and not ours to name, but why should that stop us? Besides, these people obviously don't know how to name horses - this mama's baby from last year is named "Sketchy." :^P~ She's a precious little filly and "Sketchy" doesn't suit her at all. No telling what they'll call this sweet filly.
While horses don't commonly lie down to sleep, little baby horses do. Their little wobbly legs just get so tired! We went into the pasture with her while she was lying down. The mama was okay with us and we got to pet the little filly. She is so soft and so sweet. Just like all babies!

Brooke and Little Luna

Right before we left the barn, the barn's manager called the girls over to "see what I have." He went to feed his horse and when he went into the stall, his horse was looking on the ground and walking in circles. He looked to see what the horse was looking at and there in the hay was a little bird.

The poor little thing had a horse hair that had become entangled around one leg. It must have happened right after it hatched, because it's skin had grown over the hair and the leg was limp and pretty useless. So sad. We cut the horsehair near the leg so it's other leg wouldn't get entangled and a lady from the barn took him home to bring to the vet's the next morning.


Kathy in WA said...

Wow, Ginger! What a gorgeous, animal filled blog. I love how you name horses that aren't yours. Ha! You obviously do a better job. Not sure how Sketchy is a good name for that beautiful horse.

Ginger said...

Well, I guess naming (or renaming) other people's animals comes from Brooke - she didn't like her horse's name (registered name Olene Lyre, but the people called her Barbie) and renamed her Honeybee. And the horse is NOT a Barbie and Honeybee suits her perfectly. She has renamed other horses in the barn, too. :^D She will say, "That's a dumb name. So I'm going to call him...." Whoa to all Brooke's clients when she becomes a vet.

Queen Bee said...

Sure.. why not name something that isn't yours (LOL)!

Poor little bird! I hope it's ok. I'm a bit worried about studying Zoology 1 next year. I'm afraid if we put a bird house up, birds will come to eat from it, and our cats might get the birds. I'm going to have to think about what to do with that. Any ideas?