Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Here Comes the Rain Again!

Okay, everyone keeps asking about our construction project. Thanks to the weather, we have been delayed again. We need the dirt pad (all 36.5" of it) to dry out completely and Steve needs to dig two holes, 3'x3', one 1' down and one 2' down, in order for the parish to come out and do the compaction tests. We need to pass the compaction tests in order to get the next permits needed before we can pour the slab. If we don't pass, we need time to pass in order for the dirt to compact. Hopefully, this time and rain is compacting everything nicely.

Here's a picture Brooke took of our stormy-looking sky. That dead looking tree is the pecan in our front yard. Pecan trees are the last trees around here to bud out. With everything else wearing spring green, you begin to think, "Maybe it did die." Then all of a sudden, there are leaves!


Queen Bee said...

See.. now I have to keep reading to see what you're building. A house? We know all about compaction tests since we build roads! Hope your tests pass soon. Oh.. and I just realized you probably won't recognize the "Queen Bee" identity.. so I better sign one of these.
Cynthia from SHS

Ginger said...

Cynthia, I read your blog often enough to have immediately identified your "Queen Bee." :^D