Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who is That Masked Mower?

My mother-in-law enjoys mowing. Really. She wants all the grass to be very short and neat. If we only had a normal yard, this wouldn't be a problem. But we have ACRES to mow. Here she is mowing just part of it. The house in the background will be next door to our new house.
To mow all the grass we have takes a whole day. On a riding lawn mower. Okay, maybe not a WHOLE day, but it does take hours. Like four or five.
When my mother-in-law mows, she is usually more covered than this - long sleeves, gloves, hat, glasses, long pants. Today she is living dangerously and has foregone the gloves.
Truth be told, I enjoy mowing too. It's quiet. And it's definitely preferable to washing the mounds of dirty dishes that collect every minute of every day in my sink.


Debbie said...

I also love to mow, Ginger and that dream mower. Rear engine for ease of turning and comfort of steering. Okay, so I'm a bit weird about mowers. Very nice looking lawn.

Queen Bee said...

I haven't had to mow our lawn in YEARS! The KIDS love any reason to ride the lawn mower when they are young. It also takes us HOURS to mow!! We, too, have ACRES of yard.