Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I finally got Brooke in front of the camera instead of behind it. Although this first picture she took herself! Here's my Little Blue-Marble Eyes!

Brooke and our oldest Standard Poodle, Delilah. My stepmom calls her "Misssssss Delilah." It was Brooke who wanted a poodle when she was four years old and it was Brooke who named Delilah.

You may notice in most of Brooke's pictures, there is an ANIMAL with her. Is it a far stretch to think her life's desire is to be a veterinarian? She has such a peace that comes over her when she is with the animals. Can you see it?

Brooke and her cat, Libby. Yes, this is the cat that my friends have started referring to as "The Million Dollar Cat." I call her "The Cat Who Went to Texas." But that's a story for another post.

Brooke absolutely adores her kitty. And I think Libby feels the same for Brooke. She is so caring to all the animals. God has given her a tender heart toward and a passion for His all creatures.
Brooke and her horse, Honeybee.
I am so blessed to have my beautiful daughters.


Kathy in WA said...

Stunning pictures! Brooke is beautiful. I can absolutely see what you mean about her relationship with animals. How exciting to have a passion and vision this early in life.

P.S. You DEFINITELY need to blog the stories of The Cat Who Went to Texas (and lived to return)!!

Ginger said...

Thanks, Kathy! I might blog the cat's story today since blogging about my day would not be a nice thing. I have a stomach virus today. Yuck.

Emily said...

Hope you are feeling better! Ginger your kids are gorgeous!

Ginger said...

Hi Emily! Thank you so much. I enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis. You have a lovely family, too, Emily! Beautiful kids, beautiful parents!

Carol said...

Ah now that is what I was waiting to see -- pics of my Poo's mama Delilah . . as beautiful as ever (Abrial and Cossette don't look so bad either!!)