Thursday, February 22, 2007

Down to the Wire

(This photo was taken by Brooke. She never even noticed the bug until we transferred the pictures from the camera to the computer. I think this is a great shot. Flowers were next door at my MIL's.)

Okay, I've waited until the very last minute to do all the things I should have done earlier this week and last. I leave tomorrow for the Stampin' Up! Houston Regional Seminar. I'll be going with three of my downline and two guests. Perhaps posting this here will make me accountable. Here's what I need to do before leaving:

  1. Call someone who mentioned wanting to have a Pampered Chef catalog show for me - I am coming up short this month and need to get back in touch with her.

  2. Make my card swaps for Regionals - at least 75.

  3. Make gifts for my downline and guests. I already have one part of this.

  4. Pack!

  5. Call my Stampin' Up! hostess for my Sunday workshop.

  6. Prepare for my Sunday workshop because I won't have time when I get back.

  7. Clean out the Suburban.

  8. Have Suburban washed - will do this tomorrow morning. If I do it now, I'll be driving through muddy, gravel roads about 10 times before leaving, thus undoing the wash!

  9. Finish cleaning the house (clean bathroom and clean off counter that is covered with my stampin' stuff).

  10. Pack supplies that I'll need for Regionals.

  11. Go grocery shopping.

  12. Make a roast for the barn manager as a "thank you" for bringing the horses in, feeding them, and fixing their breakfast last Friday night so I could go to my Birthday Club Dinner and Crop.

Okay, WOW. Now that I've typed this out, it looks like a lot! I'd better get myself off the computer and start! I'll post later the things I have accomplished! Keep me accountable!


Kathy in WA said...

Ginger--how old is Brooke? She's doing some marvelous camera work. You'll have to post some pictures of her so we can see her as well as her sister. :)

Good job making that to do list. You can do it! Start tackling one thing at a time and cross them off.

Ginger said...

Kathy, Brooke is 12. She never wanted to pick up a camera before, but I guess she is enjoying the instant gratification of the digital (this is our first). She took the camera to the barn two weeks ago and took over 300 photos of the horses! So far, all the pictures on my blog have been taken by Brooke! So I guess SHE is doing Project 365 instead of me!

I'm taking my lunch break from my list - got the counter cleaned, stove cleaned, dishes washed, bathroom cleaned, and a load of laundry going. I think I'll reward myself with a small dish of ice cream and then get back to work!

Kathy in WA said...

Excellent job starting on your to do list. Tell Brooke she's doing a great job taking pictures. How funny to take 300 pictures of the horses. Do we sense a passion? Ha!

Do you ever read the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman? She lives on a ranch and has some beautiful shots of horses and ranch life.

Ginger said...

Kathy, I have read Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. She's a hoot!

Yes, Brooke's passion has been horses since she knew what one was. She used to ask God for a horse in her prayers every night. When she was four or five, Morgan (two or three) came toddling into the kitchen and said, "Dey's a hoss in the backya'd." I said no, there was not. She insisted. So I went out with her and, sure enough, there was a miniature horse standing by our swingset. I heard the door slam behind me - Brooke had followed us out, saw the horse, stopped, closed her eyes and raised her hands heavenward. "Thank you, God. Thank you." She was quite disappointed to find out that THAT horse didn't come from God to her - it had gotten loose from the people on the street behind us. But she finally got her horse when she was eight. Even to say horses are her passion would be to understate it. We call her "the horse whisperer."

Shushan said...

Well, the pictures are wonderful. That little bug is perfectly centered and focused in the bewautiful flower picture. Definitely looks like you have a professional-photographer-in-training at your place!

I like the anecdote about the minature horse too. My daughter would have felt the same way.

Susan in VA

Queen Bee said...

LOL! That's quite a list. I keep thinking I should put my to do list in my sidebar... then people wouldn't worry about me when they haven't heard from me in awhile.. they would know I'm BURIED in my to do list!