Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday, All Day Long

Tuesdays and Thursdays are always long. I guess I should elaborate. My husband is a cardiac intensive care nurse. He works from a Thursday straight through until Tuesday at one hospital. Off on Wednesday. Thursday at a second hospital. Off Friday through Monday. Tuesday at the second hospital. Off on Wednesday. Then back to Hospital #1 on Thursday and the cycle begins again. He is off every Wednesday. I adore Wednesdays. :^D He works every Tuesday and Thursday. I don't like those days so very much. So....back to my Tuesday.

Today Brooke woke me up and we went to her "job barn." For the last year and a half, she has had a job feeding five horses twice every day at a barn about 15 minutes from our house. Then we head to our barn, about 30 minutes from the "job barn." We bring in one horse from the pasture and put our "girls" out for the day. Sometimes we muck the stalls in the morning. Today we were late and we knew we'd be back early to ride, so we left the job for later.
We did a full day's school work and things went very smoothly today, surprisingly. We were finished before 2 p.m. Considering we started at 10, that's pretty good. For us.

The "dirt guys" also came and worked on the lot again. It's looking good!

The road in front of our lot, however, is not looking so hot. It was not properly "bedded" when it was put in and, with all the recent rains, it actually ripples when the dump trucks come in with their loads. It is quite torn up.

Thankfully our house is the last on the street (for the time being) and the street is a dead end, so it will not be a problem for traffic. When our construction is finished, my father-in-law will re-do the road.
Then we went shopping at Target. I love that place! Back home. Groceries put away. Everyone grab their boots and get in the car. Again. It's now 4:15 p.m.

We're off to the barn to clean stalls and ride. Brooke and Morgan have a show this weekend and needed to practice their barrel racing.

Good job, Morgan. Now it's Brooke's turn.

That's trick riding, not barrel racing, Brooke!

Much better, there, Brooke! Now THAT'S a barrel run!

Tomorrow we will set up the poles and work on pole bending. It's supposed to start raining (AGAIN) on Thursday, so we'll need to get our practice in early in the week. It'll take at least two days without rain for the arena to dry out. After the girls practiced on their horses, I rode on my Lady....I do NOT run poles or barrels. In fact, I don't RUN at all. I walk. Slowly.....

Meanwhile, Brooke rode a friend's horse. By the time our horses were put in their stalls, fed, watered, and given hay for the night and we got in the car, it was 7:30 p.m.

Off to the "job barn" to feed those horses. They were VERY glad to see Brooke. We arrived home at 8:30 and I still needed to cook supper. It's now midnight. I still need to wash dishes, take a bath, and put in another load of laundry...

My favorite laundry helper, my Kenmore He4t washer and dryer make short work of all our dirty clothes. And, boy, do we have dirty clothes!

...before heading off to bed. Thank goodness Steve will be feeding horses tomorrow morning!


Kristine said...

Love your camera, Ginger, your photos are turning out terrific. I'm continuing to enjoy your blog. :)

Ginger said...

Thanks, Kristine!

Emily said...

Your girls look like GREAT riders! Also, it was great to see you on your horse too! I love riding!!!

Ginger said...

Thanks, Emily. My girls do ride very well. I'm very proud of them. I, well, I just walk right now. :^D I enjoy riding, I just don't do it proficiently yet! Thank HEAVENS I have a slow horse!

Queen Bee said...

If I rode a horse, I'd be walking slowly too (LOL)! I also LOVE shopping at Target and WOW that's some schedule to that your dh keeps... I would always be confused as to what day it is (LOL). There.. now I think I'm all caught up on your blog, but I still don't know if your barn is close to your house or not.. and is the new house being built close to your existing house? Maybe I just didn't read closely enough to find out that info!

Have fun building! I'm envious especially this time of the year. Every spring we think we should move closer to town... and for 16 years we never find anything and continue to stay where we are.