Friday, February 23, 2007

Houston Bound!

Here's a picture of Morgan's kitty, Stewart, named in honor of Stuart Little, because of his mouse-like qualities - being very white with a very pink pigment, large ears, and an exceptionally long, thin tail.

I'm ready to head to Houston! Just waiting on my downline to get off work and get over here. While I didn't finish everything on my list, I gave it a good try. Here's what I accomplished yesterday:
  1. Called the person about Pampered Chef - she wasn't home and her answering machine didn't come on. Will call her while on the road today.

  2. I made my swaps, although not the amount I wanted.

  3. I made a gift for my downline and guests - a little bag tag with their initial.

  4. I'm all packed.

  5. I'm partially prepared for my Sunday workshop.

  6. The car is being washed as we speak. Thank goodness for the Hand Car Wash across from the elementary school. For $25, I get a wash, wax, detailing, and the interior is cleaned WELL. You can't beat that with an ugly stick! And I'm supporting a local small business. Oh - and the back of the Suburban was cleaned out before it went to the car wash.

  7. The house WAS clean. Our 19-year-old tornado has swept through the living room, leaving two blankets, a jacket, and two shirts in it's wake. The laundry is all done.

  8. My supplies are packed.

  9. I went grocery shopping.

I'll need to call my Stampin' Up! hostess on the way as well. I called her, but she had company, so I need to call her back. I'll need to fill up the car with gas. It's almost 11 in the morning and I've forgotten to eat breakfast, so I guess I should do that.

I didn't post my update last night because the cable internet went out. Steve called this morning and was on the phone FOREVER with them. At least it's working now.

Here are some pictures from yesterday. Steve was playing with Delilah (my first standard poodle - she's turning 8 this year and she is my heart) and slipped in the wet grass. I caught it on camera!

You can also see the puddles on our dirt from the rain Wednesday. Thankfully, it was sunny all yesterday and again today, so it should be drying up. The dirt is about halfway there. I can't believe the dirt has to go up to more than 36"! Crazy!


Shushan said...

Cool! Its great to see the progress on your house that you've been talking about :D

Susan in VA (SHS)

Brian said...

Well ain't this cute, my daughter is a "blogger"!! I am so ashamed! Just kidding, OK?

What are you doing in Houston as I am flying out of Houston tonight? I like your blog, kinda chatty (like you) but that is a good thing, right?

I know it is a family tradition to love to talk, I am listening to my spousal unit "chat" right now!

Congratulations on the blogging thang!

Ginger said...

Yes, Dad, I had asked Orlene if you'd be in Houston this weekend and she said you'd be coming home. How ironic!

And, yes, chatty is a family trait!