Monday, February 19, 2007

A Start - Finally!

This is the start of two new things - first, we have begun the initial preparation for the building of our house. Our dirt is being delivered, two months after it was scheduled. The torrential rains started the week before Christmas and it didn't let up until just recently. Almost two weeks without rain (or without MUCH rain) and it had dried enough to begin. Hurray! The girls were SO excited and kept wanting to run over to see the progress. It's a good thing we live within walking distance to our construction site. We can actually look out the windows and see the dump trucks coming in.

The second new thing is this blog! I never thought I would start one. It seemed way too intimidating and I'm definitely NOT a techie! My online pal, Diann in NV, suggested I start a blog to share our construction progress with family and friends. I have enjoyed many of my friends' blogs - and even watched Diann's own construction process. So I decided to jump right in.

I'll try to attach some of the *exciting* pictures of the dirt! IF I can figure out how to do it!



Kristine said...

Ginger, isn't it FUN?! You may not think you're a techhie, but your blog shows otherwise. Great stuff you've added already, wow!

I hope you enjoy this and look back on it with pleasure!

Romany said...

Ginger, do live at the site now where you are building?


Ginger said...

Dorothy, we live a couple hundred yards away from where we'll be building. My DH's grandmother had 13+ acres. We currently live in the house DH grew up in and it is situated on the eastern part of the property. Our new homesite is to the western side, where my in-laws have started a small subdivision. I can look out my kitchen window and see the dirt trucks coming in. We do math, then run out to check the progress. Eat lunch. Check again. You get the picture.

Queen Bee said...

Ok.. .so you see.. I should have gone about my "normal" sequence when getting up to date with a new blog I want to read... "Normally" I would have started way back at the beginning and then I wouldn't have had to ask you so many questions. Now I see that you are building a new house... hopefully I'll still find out if that's where your barn is (LOL)..
Glad you're blogging and thanks for joining the Project 365's easier for me to follow those blogs since I can quickly click on the link from my own blog website.