Monday, February 26, 2007

Ferrets Rock

Here's our little Ferris peeking out of his little colorful ferret bed. He is just the cutest thing! He wakes up and looks around when you call his name. I thought I'd post some pictures of him here because someone on my Support4Homeschool yahoo group asked for suggestions of small pets. I recommended a ferret - he's the only "small" pet we have.

The upside of ferrets:
  • they aren't demanding
  • they don't bark
  • they don't eat a lot
  • they are pretty low maintenance
  • they are funny and affectionate

The downside of ferrets:

  • they smell kind of musky
  • they tend to take small items and hide them under sofas and beds - Ferris likes to steal razors from the side of the tub and he loves any crackly paper or bags - those are hidden under the sofas
  • you do have to clean the cage (well, *I* don't - that's a Stevie-boy job!)

Here's a picture of Ferris and Brooke's cat, Libby. Libby has always loved Ferris and will climb into his cage. They love to play together.


Kathy in WA said...

Great pictures! I love this post - good job outlining the positives and negatives. My dd is crazy about her guinea pig.

Queen Bee said...

You are THE MOM! I could never have animals of this type in our house because I don't do "smells" well and a couple of the kids are allergic to various animal dander... We have one animal and it's an outside dog.