Monday, June 25, 2007

Going Vertical

Today's forecast was for rain. But since that was the forecast for almost every day for the last three weeks, I wasn't worried. About 2 p.m., though, the barn manager called me to tell me there was a very strong line of thunderstorms headed our way and I might want to go put up the horses.

We finished our Latin and left for the barn. On the way, it started sprinkling. When we turned on the road to go to the barn, the bottom fell out! Our horses were standing by the gate with their heads down and their backs turned to the blowing rain (that reminded me of a hurricane, actually) and were drenched! We brought them in and toweled them off, turning off their fans so they wouldn't get chilled.

When we went back to feed them supper, the side pastures were flooded! I guess that was the past three weeks' worth all rolled into one storm! You can see the water in the road in front of our house.

Speaking of the house, do you notice they are working on the roof? It's looking more like a real house every day! I've been climbing the ladder the framers made to get to the roof to get into my scrapbook room most afternoons (okay, not today) and I sit up there while the sun goes down, watching the birds eat the insects that come out at twilight. It's so exciting! Well, for me at least!


Amy Grant said...

Ginger I know you must be so excited! I'd love to have a scrapbook room!

........the rest of the house will be great too I''m sure! lol!

Cynthia said...

How exciting! It's so much fun to watch the progress. I really MUST come and meet you some day! A fellow scrapbooker at heart. I also have a scrapbooking room and it is VERY NICE! Right now mine is in desperate need of cleaning though.