Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Steve got the first relaxing day in quite a while today. We did start the day with a little work - he mowed the ditch bank, which really didn't take too long, and I went over to the new house and picked up around the construction site. Then we got baths and went to church, then out to eat. Steve had a yummy steak at one of our favorite local restaurants. For supper, we went next door to Steve's parents' house for a meal with the whole family. Before supper, though, we had a little beauty shop in the backyard.

About two weeks ago, Joshua decided since he was going to be losing his hair anyway (in Navy boot camp), he might as well have some fun with it. He had his friend use my poodle clippers and give him a Mohawk! He asked me today to shave it off and I told him I would, but beforehand I wanted him to spike it up if he could so I could take some pictures. He said he would, but he'd need some help. His sisters were in on the act, blow drying and hair spraying while he put in some hair glue. Here were the (pretty scary) results.....

Josh walked over to show everyone. His dad was so proud. ;^) He looked like one of those people who would scare small children while walking down the street.

He usually just wore his hair like this.....

Still unusual, but not nearly as scary as the spiky do. After he washed all the stuff out of it, I started the haircut. Using the poodle clippers. :^) Note that Joshua is wearing his good jeans.

Look at all that hair!

There's my cleanly-shaven young man! Much better!


Cynthia said...

LOL... way to have fun with it! My son's good jeans look like that as well.

Kristine said...

I think this post says a LOT about the real Joshua--allowing his mom to take pics of his haircut!

Praying here, Ginger.

Emily said...

Great post!!!! Praying here too!