Tuesday, June 19, 2007

LSU Overload

First, the important news. We heard from Joshua. We had spoken with him last evening and, while he was nervous at first, he felt better when he saw one of the guys he met at MEPS. He opted to stay at the hotel while all the other recruits hit Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I was very proud of his unpopular choice. Hurray for you, Josh!

He called tonight and, although I didn't get to talk to him, Brooke relayed the message. It went something like this: "Heyitsmedonthavemuchtimeiloveyoualliarrivedsafelycallyounextweekgottagobye" and lasted all of about 10 seconds. But it was better than nothing.

We live in an area saturated with LSU fans. During football season, people have little purple and gold flags on their cars, tiger tails on their bumpers, pay for special personalized LSU license plates. Then there is LSU basketball in the winter and LSU baseball in the spring and summer. It's never ending.

Not being sports fans, Steve and I really don't understand all this madness. People schedule WEDDINGS around games. Pay astronomical prices for tickets. Fly all around the country to see every game. Get to the games six hours early just to BE THERE. These fans are NUTS!

Some people go so far as to paint their houses LSU purple. These flowers are our LSU fan neighbors. LSU colored flower beds are a common site in this part of the country.


Anonymous said...

ginger, i know what you mean about lsu. we were at a foster/adoption workshop the other night, and the coordinator was giving us different dates we could attend training classes in the fall. we are all filling out our papers...you could feel the excitement in the room....lots of families/couples with love to give to hurting and neglected children, when the lady next to me taps me on the shoulder and says, "do you know the lsu home game schedule?" she was trying to arrange her training....training to foster and /or adopt a CHILD....around lsu football!!! what gives?!
~nicki o.

Michele said...

(((Ginger))) I know how important that first call is! We'll be praying for Josh and your whole family!

Cynthia said...

Love the flowers... wouldn't have known the significance of the colors if you hadn't blogged about it (LOL).

Anonymous said...

well - we are LSU nuts ourselves...the football part, anyway. But I draw the line at planning my life around their schedule or painting my house their colors...although I have to admit I have the little flag *grin* and would love the flowers - primarily because purple is my favorite color and I adore colorful landscape. E