Saturday, June 16, 2007

Swim Meet Today

Today was the first real swim meet of the season for our team. It was VERY hot and between our team and our opponent, there were at least 300 swimmers, each swimming three events. We thought this meet would never end.
Here's Morgan, getting ready for her event. The goggles and swim caps make the kids look quite bug-like, don't you think? But Morgan is a cute bug!

I was busy running back and forth, trying to get parent volunteers organized, find kids for different events, give information to new parents, etc, in addition to scoring the meet. Steve decided to pick up the camera. I told him to take pictures of all the swimmers and I'd share them with all the parents. So he did just that.

One of Brooke's friends said, "Don't look now, but there's this man who keeps taking pictures of everyone." Brooke sighed and said, "Yeah. That'd be my dad." She kept telling him to STOP TAKING PICTURES, but he didn't listen.

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Cynthia said...

Ah.. .that makes me really miss our synchro meet this year. We ended up not getting enough pool time at the Y to be able to practice enough for the meet. Our girls never did do the traditional swim team since they always swam on the synchro team. The boys haven't shown any interest in joining a swim team. FYI, when we had meets I was always the mom running around organizing everything, too! WAY TO STEP up to the plate!