Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A View From My Window

On my SHS email group, another blog challenge was posted. This was one a view from my window. While this is not TECHNICALLY from the window, it is the view I'm most often looking at these days - the view from my back door window (I took the picture right outside the door to avoid glare). You can see the beginnings of my house peeking through the trees!

Now, in a few months, THIS will be my view. :^D I can't wait! This would be the view from the place I'm looking forward to the most - my bathtub!

And below will be the view out my bedroom window! I have a chair there now and last evening I just sat in the peace and quiet (and cool, since our a/c went out and it was cooler outside than inside) and enjoyed what will one day soon be the view out my window.


Cynthia said...

LOVE all the views. I hope to post N/S/E/W views very soon. I bet you're SO excited to see the house starting to poke through the trees.

Debbie said...

What nice views, Ginger! The work on your house is coming along well. I don't understand the whole concret slab thing as very few people have slabs up here. Will your floor be concret? That will proabably be very cool. Can't wait to see some walls going up.

Kristine said...

Ginger, it must be so cool (wikked!) to literally SEE your new house being built. The views are lovely, and I like the orange tint at the bottom of the sky--you must have taken this at sunset. What will you be doing with your old house?

Kristine said...

P.S. I always have my volume turned off, but I just noticed that your music is Jeremy Camp. He's my favorite!


Ginger said...

Debbie, most homes down here are on concrete slabs. I think they're not as popular in really cold climate because of risks of cracking when it freezes or something like that. Our slab will be our floor. We had to get a special concrete (straight cement) because of doing the floors.

Kristine, our old house will probably be occupied by another family member when we move out. Eventually it will need to be either moved off the property or torn down because of the subdivision.

Romany said...

Wonderful views, Ginger! Vey relaxing!