Thursday, June 21, 2007

Up On the Housetop

Today was another busy day. I dropped the poodles off early at the groomers. A little after noon, we left the house and didn't return until 8 p.m. First we let the horses out, then we went to a swim meet. The girls did very well and our team won the meet. I had to pick the poodles up from the groomers before the meet ended, so they spent the last hour and a half under the desk in the pool office at my feet while I finished scoring the meet. While many people think scoring is the ultimate job because I sit in an air conditioned room rather than sweltering in the sun, it's really a pain, not to mention the fact that I only saw my girls race once each today - they swam in five different events. I'd really rather be a timer. Oh well.
When we arrived home, the sun was setting over our new house where I discovered a surprise.....they've started framing my scrapbooking room!!! This is perhaps the part of our house I'm most excited about (okay, after doubling the space and the fact we'll have more than one bathroom). The poodles were even excited!

Here's a picture of the interior of the house. I think it looks neat with all the boards every way - it reminds me of TinkerToys!

Steve was the brave soul who first ventured up to the second level to see the scrapbooking room. Not bad for a guy who's afraid of heights. :^)

He tried to talk me into it, but I was afraid. Morgan wasn't and she went up there. I decided not to be outdone by a 10 year old and (with the help of a taller ladder) I went up to see as well.

I'm so excited! It will have a full bathroom and a little kitchenette, so it's like a little separate apartment. I think I might have to put a futon or a day bed up there for all night scrapping! I just can't wait!!!

This side will adjoin the attic space over the garage. There will be a door in this wall as our attic access for the whole house.

This is from the center towards the front of the house. You can see some of the ceiling joists for the house in the background. The little partitioned off part is the bathroom.

This shot was taken from the far corner of the kitchen part. With the exception of the bathroom (obviously), everything will be open.

Morgan took this shot from my scrapbooking room looking out over the land behind our yard. Beautiful shot! Can you see the Spanish moss dripping off the tree in the background? I love Spanish moss, but there's not as much around as there was when I was a kid. It is technically an "air plant" rather than a moss and it is very susceptible to air pollution.


Debbie said...

Wow, Ginger, the house is really coming quickly. What a wonderful treat for you to have your own scrapbooking room. That has always been a dream of mine. Hubby said he would gladly turn half our garage into a craft room for me, but it is not attached to the house, so it would be tough to work out there with the kids inside! Maybe one day.

I am enjoying watching your house "come alive".

Anonymous said...

AWESOME...when's the party?!?!?!?!?! I'm WAAAAAAY behind on scrapping - I could use an all-nighter. :-D E

Keeping up with Joneses said...

The house is coming along!!
It's going to look great when it is done!!

Berry Patch said...

Your house is really coming together! CONGRATS on the scrapbooking room!!!! I'm very jealous. :-) We'll be building a house at some point in the next few years & that is on the TOP of my list of NEEDS (notice I didn't say wants.....) LOL Lisa B.

Emily said...

Your house is coming along fast! When is the expected finish date? It is going to be soooo nice!

Cynthia said...

Count me in for an overnight scrapbooking party! I'm not much into heights so you wouldn't have caught me climbing up there.

Regarding the meet. The one year I was the meet manager I didn't get to see ANY of my girls' events. I ran the whole time! I was exhausted by the end of that meet and realized I never wanted to be the meet manager again.

Southern Belle said...

Hmmm, Sounds like a SHS Scrapbooking convention at Ginger's house, lol! I'm first, lol

Beth SHS