Wednesday, August 15, 2007

4-H Wednesday

Today was our homeschool 4-H meeting. I am definitely NOT back in the swing of things since coming back from Chicago. I'm still exhausted from the 16 hour drive (and that doesn't include stopping time for gas, potty breaks, food, etc). I did something I almost never do - dropped the girls off. I have always stayed for the 4-H meeting, but today our tubs and showers were being delivered, so I went back to the new house for that.

No pictures - everything is still boxed up. We did find out that we're going to have to take down a wall to get the shower unit in the "poodle bathroom." There's no way it'll fit through the door. Standard poodle sized showers are pretty big, you know. :^D

The animals must have missed us while we were gone. Stewart was especially glad to snuggle between Steve and I again. He even lay still for me to give him kitty kisses.

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Cynthia said...

ugh about having to move a well.. permanently or will you have to put the wall back up once the shower is in?