Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beating the Heat

It has been so hot here lately. Going outside just saps your strength. It's no use to try to do anything but stay in the air conditioning and scrapbook. :^D

Oh, okay. Honestly I didn't just stay home in the air conditioning today and scrapbook. Brooke had a horse show in the heat more than an hour away. Thankfully, it didn't last all day. Brooke got second place in pole bending. Hurray, Brooke! Great job!

I started this layout last night and finished it when we returned from the horse show. More pictures from last November's Birthday Club. The journaling reads: "Quick and Easy Directions. 1) Gather friends on or around date of birth for fun and festivities. 2) Mix in great food, loads of laughter, scrapbooking, and, of course, CHOCOLATE! 3) Simmer for at least 12 hours or until partied out. 4) Repeat as often as birthdays arise. Yield: 1 Birthday Club." The journaling was inspired by my SIL's invitation to this event.


Kathy in WA said...

The pages look great, Ginger! Good for you for getting some scrapbooking done. Congratulations to Brooke!

De'Etta said...

Looks great.

Cynthia said...

I finally have my scrapbooking room cleaned out so I hope to do a few pages myself one of these days.