Saturday, August 11, 2007

Joshua's Pass-In-Review

Our day started very early - at 5 a.m. We got up and got ready for Joshua's Navy Boot Camp graduation - called Pass-in-Review. We took the hotel shuttle to the base at 6:45 a.m. to avoid the problems with parking and vehicle searches. The graduation didn't start until 9 a.m., but we did get a good seat. And, no, we were definitely NOT the first people there!

This is a picture of Joshua's division. He is in the second row from the left, sixth person in line not counting the very tall guy standing a little apart out front. He is looking toward the "aisle." He was being handed his rain gear because he had liberty after the ceremony was over.

The ceremony was very nice and I did get teary a couple of times. I always tear up at the National Anthem and just about anything military gets me. I'm so humbled by the men and women in our armed forces and by their sacrifice. When the graduates recited the Navy code, I thought, "Both my dads (adopted and biological) made that same pledge." And now, my son. I was very proud.

Morgan was SO glad to see her brother again. She held Joshua's hand most of the day. Here they are in the back seat of the Suburban on our way into the city.

Joshua wanted something he had never had for lunch - authentic, Chicago-style pizza. We went to D'Agostino's Pizza in Wrigleyville. It was delicious. We had a Gorgonzola Walnut Salad, an appetizer sampler platter, and Josh and I split a Chicago-style spinach and cheese pizza. It was like no pizza I've ever had, but it was definitely yummy.

Here's Wrigley Field, right around the corner from the restaurant.

Then we went to Navy Pier. Steve, Joshua, and I rode the huge ferris wheel. I love ferris wheels. Steve - not so much. He doesn't like heights. But he was a trooper. He even smiled. :^D

The view from the top of the ferris wheel was AMAZING! Here's what the ferris wheel looked like from the ground....

Morgan and Aunt Susie rode the swings. *I* don't like "'round and 'round" rides. They mess with my equilibrium. Can you find Morgan waving for the camera?

How about if I zoom in?

The day had started a little overcast, but cleared up. The skyline still was a little foggy and hazy, though.

Here we are inside the Crystal Gardens. It was lovely in here.

My sailor.....

Morgan just couldn't let her brother go. It was so sweet. I kind of felt the same way. I kept touching him like he was going to disappear any minute - or like it was a dream.

After we had seen all we wanted at Navy Pier, we went over to Millennium Park to walk around a bit. Because we hadn't walked enough at Navy Pier. :^D My legs were still stiff from Starved Rock.

Here's the Cloud Gate sculpture at Millennium Park, commonly known as "The Bean." Very interesting! I loved that you could see the whole skyline in it!

Here's a picture of us being reflected in The Bean. Kind of neat!

And here's the Crown Fountain. It was neat to watch! As well as all the kids (of all sizes and ages) playing in the water!

Joshua, however, wasn't about to get in that water!

We had a very long day. But it was loads of fun and great to be with Josh again. He requested McDonald's for supper before we dropped him back off at the base.


dorothy said...

It looks like you have a great visit with eachother as well as fun exploring the city.

Emily said...

What a great time being all together! Please thank him for serving our country!

Cynthia said...

What a lovely day with your son. He's all grown up now!