Sunday, August 12, 2007

Last Day

This morning was clear and beautiful and our drive into Chicago was relatively traffic-free. Joshua decided he wanted to go to Shedd Aquarium today. I was surprised, as he's been a number of times to the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. But I'm always game, so off we went.

I got quite a few shots of the city skyline. This was just one photo, but I got a close up series to do along the bottom of a 2-page scrapbook spread. Am I the only one who takes pictures to fit the layout in her brain? :^D

After parking (and paying $20 just to park - I think I've discovered the key to Chicago's city funding - Friday's parking cost $25 for 3 hours!!!), we walked down to the water. Morgan was a bit nervous, as there was no rail. She didn't want to fall into that cold water!

Here's a great shot of Steve looking like a tourist with the camera bag (but he's being a good sport and holding it for ME) and Joshua looking quite "kewl" in his new Oakleys.

The Grand Cayman Blue Iguana - it's the most endangered iguana in the world. They are really quite interesting looking.

We ate at the restaurant in the aquarium, Soundings. The view was lovely. The food...not so much. Everyone's order was wrong. Or either tasted bad. But Joshua received applause and thanks for serving our country by the wait staff. It was a very humbling moment for him. We were very proud.

After our bad lunch, we watched the dolphin show. I love dolphins! They are such intelligent creatures! And so cute, too!

Morgan took this shot of a puffer fish. I find puffers amusing. They look like they are holding their breath - which is even funnier to me. A fish holding its breath! LOL!

This was a picture Steve was attempting to take outside the aquarium. Only Joshua seems to be cooperating.

I know Joshua was probably getting tired of pictures. But that was just too bad. :^D

I loved how Morgan was always looking up at her brother with adoring eyes. Or touching him. All weekend long. So sweet.

After this, we left the city to bring Joshua back to the base. He had to be back earlier today. Everyone was saying goodbye to their sailors and it was kind of sad. I teared up (of course), but tried not to cry. At least until we drove off.

As my son walked off, never looking back, I was reminded of the moment when he was dedicated to the Lord at 10 weeks old. The elderly gentleman who did the dedication, Brother D. Stroud, Royal Ranger District Commander whom Steve had known almost all his life, held him high above his head and prayed, "Oh, God. This baby is all You have to make a man out of." It seems only yesterday he was that baby. And today, my baby is a man.


Teeny said...

Lovely bloggin on Joshua...I can't believe he's all grown! I know you are proud - he's turned into a wonderful man.

Kathy in WA said...

Great pictures of your trip, Ginger. Can you tell I'm catching up on your blog today? ha! I'm sorry your dinner was lousy. You all are usually MUCH better at picking good restaurants. I love to live (eat?) vicariously through your blog. LOl.

Joshua looks so grown up in his uniform. The brother - sister shots were precious!

Kelli in Orlando said...

Sorry Steve, these gorgeous children look just like their gorgeous mommy. Okay, you can lay claim to that beautiful Brooke.

Cynthia said...

You're not the only one who takes certain photos for a scrapbook layout! I do the same thing (LOL).