Monday, August 20, 2007

Marvelous Monday

Stewart loves playing in the dogs' water dish. I always have water on the floor because of him.

I have a friend who teaches public school. Last year she taught in an inner city junior high school. She absolutely hated every single day. But she always answered the question, "How was your day?" in an upbeat manner. Mondays were always marvelous, Tuesdays were terrific, Wednesdays were wonderful, etc. So today was "marvelous."

It was our first day of school. Sleepy, uncooperative daughters. I woke up with a headache. We did math, spelling, some of history, reading, Bible, and some language. No science. No Latin. I have already warned them - tomorrow will be different!

Brooke stepped on a roofing nail yesterday at the new house. I cannot tell you how many times Steve and I have tried to stress to both girls the importance of wearing proper footwear. And yet Brooke was over there BAREFOOT!!! She is unable to walk normally with the injury and has been bearing weight just on the toes of that foot. Her injured foot is sore and the other knee is now hurting. So I'm sure this contributed to her ill humor today.

And today they started to roof our new house! Hurray!

I also got some shots of the "poodle" shower (that will be in the utility room)

and the girls' bathtub. Brand new and it already needs to be scrubbed!

Those were installed this weekend. The carpenters will be building the deck for my whirlpool tub later this week. We'll also need stairs to put the tub for the scrapbook bathroom upstairs. Right now it is residing in the kitchen. :^D


Debbie said...

Wow, Ginger, the house is really coming along! I'll bet you are getting very excited.

We have been slowly starting to do some school work, but not a full schedule yet. I don't even have all my material yet. It seems the first few weeks are tough to get back into the swing.

De'Etta said...


Congrats on another year started....I'm tired thinking about starting another year...I won't begin next week as planned. LOL

Cynthia said...

OUCH! Does she hav a current tetnus shot?

I bet it's exciting to see things being installed in the house!