Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bipolar Cat

Libby, Brooke's cat, is definitely bipolar. When Brooke holds her, she's very sweet, holding her face and licking her nose (the cat licking Brooke's nose, that is, not the other way around).
But if anyone else, especially Morgan, should hold her, she becomes a hissing, growling, snarling beast. Grouchy ol' thing.

While Libby showed a preference for Brooke as her person from the time we rescued her when she was little, she wasn't quite this vocal about it until Her Unfortunate Incident. Morgan was the one who rescued her. You'd think she'd be more grateful. Harrumph!

Grouchy cat!


Kristine said...

My dd and her cat have a special relationship too. Holly was the only one Pumpkin would have anything to do with as a kitten. Holly can do anything to that cat now and Pumpkin will respond. Nicely and predictably. But she's just a big brat to everyone else! (Drives my ds nuts, he wants the cat to love him just as much!)

Cynthia said...

I thought all cats were bipolar.... at least the cats I've known.