Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dentist Visit

Our family is weird. We love the dentist. (Oh, okay....STEVE doesn't love the dentist. But that's because every time he goes, it entails MULTIPLE visits. So we won't talk about his feelings for the dentist. That's for another post.) When my kids were little, if one was going and the others weren't, they'd be upset. To them, going to the dentist is like a big family reunion, only no cheek-pinching aunts.

I've been going to the same dentist for 29 years now. That's a LONG time. When I mentioned that to Dr. D. today, he said, "We must have started early - you're no older than 29 right now!" Is it any wonder I love this guy? And Mrs. A., the hygienist, is just my favorite. She definitely hasn't been with Dr. D. for 29 years, but she's been with him for a while and I just love her, too.

Dr. D. has two lovely grown daughters - one is a hygienist and the other is a dentist, married to a dentist, both now in practice with Dr. D. My girls go to Dr. D.'s daughter, Dr. K. We like keeping our dental money all in one family. :^) Morgan will be job shadowing Dr. K. on 2/19 and she is so excited!

My girls with their all-time favorite dentist.

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Teeny said...

OHHH - job shadowing, that's very cool!