Monday, January 14, 2008

Inauguration Day!

The day started early for Brooke and me. We were on our way to the inauguration of the new governor with the rest of Brooke's chorale. We chartered two buses and had a police escort all the way to Baton Rouge's new State Capital.

We call it the "new" State Capital, even though it was finished in 1932. I don't know how old it will have to be for us to drop the "new." I guess it's because the "old" State Capital is right down the road. (Baton Rouge also has the "old" and "new" Mississippi River Bridges.) It's the tallest state capital in the U.S. We were at the bottom of the steps for the inauguration. It's a really TALL building.

This is one of the monumental statues that flank the east and west of the central steps (49 - one for all the states except for Hawaii and Alaska who share the last step - there were only 48 states when the State Capital was finished). This statue is of the pioneers of Louisiana. Brooke insisted I get the tiny security guy standing above to give perspective of the size of the statue.

The performance chorale sang for about 20 minutes before the official ceremony began. They performed patriotic and popular state songs. The chorale did an excellent job and I was pleased to hear all the positive comments from the crowd behind me.

Singing "Jambalaya."

The new governor and his bride.

Our new governor gives his address to the cheering crowds.

"We can change; we must change; we will change." To all of us tired of the stereotype of corrupt Louisiana politicians, we say Amen!

Flyover by F-15's of the 159th Fighter Wing of the Louisiana Air National Guard.

Afterwards, lunch at the Mall. One very tired, sunburned young lady is happy this is all over.


Amy B said...

--"We can change; we must change; we will change." To all of us tired of the stereotype of corrupt Louisiana politicians, we say Amen!--

Amen, Amen!!

I love the old and new comments. Why is it that around here everything is old or new, front or back? I grin everytime I hear it!

I wish I could have been there!

Amy said...

What an exciting day! I watched the inaguration coverage on Fox News last night. Now I wish I would have looked for you guys!

Cynthia said...

A police escort, WOW! What an exciting event to be part of.

Teeny said...

What a great way to be a very positive part of history...I love it! And the fly-by...WOW!

De'Etta said...

What a great day - tiring I'm sure - but a wonderful experience!

Debbie said...

Wow, what a fun full day.

Jodi said...

Wow, you got some great pictures of the event. I like the perspective of the tall building one you took.

Pam said...

Love the photos! What an exciting event for you guys to get to be a part of.

Romany said...

What a wondeful memory for both of you!

Emily said...

What a fun event to be a part of. I am sure she will never forget that day!

Berry Patch said...

What great memories! My mom still talks about the time she marched past Richard Nixon when she was a child in a parade doing her baton twirling. :-)