Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cosette's Turn

I, Cosette, am so excited! Mommy said I could be in charge of the blog today! I can't wait to take you on an exciting adventure. Open the bathroom door, Mommy, and let's get out of here!

Waddaya mean we are staying in the bathroom? That's not fun! What???? A bath?

I *am* a Poodle, you know. The word POODLE means "to splash in water." NOT bath water. OUTSIDE water. I was only doing what I'm 'sposed to.

Aww, Mommy, you say "muddy" and "smelly" like those are bad things. And waddaya mean I have very dirty bath water? What's wrong with that? The water I've been playing in was MUCH dirtier than this ol' bath water.

Here I am after my bath. It took much rinsing for Mommy to get off all that stinky shampoo and conditioner. Whoever heard of a Poodle smelling like Australian Tea Tree Oil anyway? Baths aren't really THAT bad. I like them better than Abrial does.

After one hour of blow drying. One side dry.

One side still wet. See my poodley ringlets? Mommy said my hair was about 3" long. That's pretty long, especially when your hair is as thick and curly as mine is. My hair is thicker and curlier than Abrial's or Delilah's. Mommy says it takes much longer to blow me dry than it does to dry them. That must make me Special!

I get tired while Mommy blows me dry. It takes at least two hours to blow me dry when my hair is this long. If Mommy lets me lie down, I rest my head on her leg. "Look how cute I am," I told her, "Take my picture." When Mommy needs me to stand up and get dried, I rest my head on her shoulder and fall asleep. That's cute, too. I told Mommy to take a picture of that, but she said no. What's an oct-oh-puss? Anyway, Mommy said she wasn't one of those.

ROAR!!! I'm a scary lion coming to eat you!

Not really! It's just me - Cosette - show them, Mommy! Don't be afraid - I won't really eat you!

We start the clipping part on this back part. No sniffing. It's rude. Mommy says so. I don't know why she says that.

Here's my furry paw. Inside here are some fun things, like leftover twigs and even some horse poop. Just kidding. There not really horse poop in there. But that would be great if there were! Anyway, Mommy doesn't like furry paws. She likes "pretty feet," as she calls them.

Here's "pretty feet." Which do you like better? You can't hide horse poop and twigs in "pretty feet." Maybe that why Mommy likes them. She's weird that way.

Mommy is now doing my face. She's only part way done. I call this....


of the...

Poodle-Opera! Muhahahaha! (That's scary laughing, in case you didn't know.)

I'm all done now! Aren't I a pretty girl?

Look at all that hair! It has filled the bathtub!

Well, except for what stuck on Mommy's pants!

It's only taken four and a half hours for me to be groomed. I'm exhausted. I think my groomer is pretty tired, too.

Now let's go outside! There's more mud to play in and rain in the forecast! Hurray for Poodles!


Junebug said...

That was a lot of work! She looks good. Such cute poses. You did great!

Teeny said...

eeee-gads, how often do you have to DO that??? Makes me realize an hour for my baby's ( grooming is not so bad afterall :-D

Ginger said...

Well, in all honesty she was VERY overdue for a groom. I generally have them done every 4-6 weeks when I bring them to the groomer and try to do it more often when grooming them myself. The last time Cosette was groomed was :::gasp::: October.

Debbie said...

Oh my, Ginger...that is a tremendous amount of work!

She looks so cute. You have lovely dogs.

Luc & Remy said...

Cosette! It must have been grooming day for poodles! We think you look beautiful either way--lots of hair and less hair! Our Mom is impressed with your Mom's grooming abilities. She keeps threatening to try that herself but she doesn't think she would be good at it. (You should see what she did to our two-legged brothers' hair when she tried that!) By the way, our Mom likes "pretty feet, too.

Emily said...

Wow! I am tired just looking at the pictures :-) I gave Molly a bath yesterday . .I love it how she looks after blow drying her hair!

Ginger said...

Luc and Remy! I'm so glad you visited Mommy's website! I think you guys are two of the handsomest poodles I've ever seen. (Abrial thinks it's the 4 B's at Secret Schnoodle who are handsomest and Delilah says she's too old for boyfriends and doesn't care.)

My Mommy learned to groom a few months before I came to live with her. She learned because Delilah just had her 8 baby puppers and Mommy didn't have so much money to pay the groomer x9. So a groomer showed her and she's been doing it ever since. Perhaps a nice groomer will show your Mommy. I like our groomer, but I love Mommy better.



Kathy in WA said...

Ginger - that was hysterical! You are a good Poodle Mama. :) I can't believe it takes that long. Well, I can believe it I just can't imagine having the time to do it. Ha!

Ginger said...

Kathy, it doesn't USUALLY take quite that long with Cosette. And it doesn't nearly take that long with Abrial and Delilah. But, as Cosette mentioned, her hair is VERY thick. I guess "dense" would be a better word. I let it get really long and it just takes forever to blow dry when it's that long. I like to keep them relatively short because it's easier, but I do love their hair long. If only I could pay someone to brush it every day. :^)

Christy said...

What a unique post. I loved the way Corsett tells it!